Call for Cryptographic Techniques

Call for Cryptographic Techniques

June 13, 2000
Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan

The background

Creating the common security basis is one of the most important tasks for the Japanese electronic government of which the infrastructure and primary systems will be constructed by FY 2003.

Cryptographic techniques are particularly important and indispensable components of the electronic government because these not only provide information confidentiality and prevent information falsification, but also assure electronic authentication.

Because of the importance of cryptogrphic techniques, it has been pointed out domestically that the Japanese national government should adopt a cryptography usage policy in order to ensure that cryptography is integrated properly into the electronic government. Internationally the ISO/IEC JTC1 have begun efforts aimed at standardizing cryptographic algorithms.

This call is an essential part of the MITI Action Plan for a Secure E-Government — announced by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) in April 2000. MITI has entrusted the IPA with the implementation of this project.

The purpose

The purpose of this call is to make a technical report. The report is to include a list of characteristics on cryptographic techniques that will be proposed through a call for submission applicable to the Japanese electronic government. To make such list, IPA investigate and evaluate the proposed cryptographic techniques in terms of security, implementation and other characteristics from the viewpoints of various objective specialists.

IPA has organized a committee (Cryptography Research and Evaluation Committee) to perform evaluation of Cryptographic Techniques. The committee is composed of most prominent cryptography specialists in Japan and will evaluate the cryptographic techniques that are submitted.

Outline of Call for Cryptographic Techniques

(1) Type of Cryptographic Techniques

  1. asymmetric cryptographic schemes
  2. symmetric ciphers
  3. hash functions
  4. pseudorandom number generators

(2) Collecting schedule

Start of collecting submissions June 13, 2000
Deadline of collecting submissions July 14, 2000

(3) Application guidelines

(4) Q&A about call for Cryptographic Techniques