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October 1, 2010
National Institute of Information and Communications Technology
Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan

  Towards the revision of the e-Government Recommended Ciphers List in FY 2012, CRYPTREC is going to evaluate the cryptographic techniques submitted in FY 2009. A list of them is as shown in table 1 below.
  In addition to evaluations by the designated evaluators, we will solicit for voluntary analysis (attacks) for them. If volunteer evaluators analyze (attack) them and make the results public as academic journals, magazines, papers, or other publications, we will actively use them to make evaluation reports. we would like to thank your help in providing us with useful information on their evaluations or other analysis (attacks) for them. Any cooperation will be greatly appreciated.
  You may download necessary documents (see Table 2 below) to evaluate the submitted cryptographic techniques in table 1 below. But these documents are for evaluation use only and are prohibited to redistribute. CRYPTREC will not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages arising out of the use or inability to use them. Please note that downloading the evaluation document will be regarded as acceptance of the term of the agreement.

Prior to downloading the evaluation documents, you need to accept the term of the agreement above and check the left box.

Table 1: A list of cryptographic techniques submitted in FY 2009
Category Cryptographic Techniques Applicants
128-bit block ciphers CLEFIA Sony Corporation
HyRAL Laurel Intelligent Systems Co., Ltd.
Stream ciphers Enocoro Hitachi, Ltd.
KCipher-2 KDDI Corporation
Message Authentication Codes PC-MAC-AES NEC Corporation
Entity Authentications Infinite One-Time Password Authentication System Nihon Unisys Ltd.
Table 2: A overview of the evaluation documents to be released
Directory Files
spec specification sheet
eval evaluation document
tv test vector
ref refference source code, specification sheet of refference source code, refference hardware design description, specification sheet of refference hardware design description
tvec test vector generation source code, specification sheet of test vector generation source code
brfg briefing material for the Application of Cryptographic Techniques
errata(if minor fixes exist) errata

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