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CRYPTREC Symposium 2010
February 4, 2010
National Institute of Information and Communications Technology
Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan

CRYPTREC is going to evaluate the applied cryptographic techniques towards the revision of the e-Government Recommended Ciphers List in FY 2013, and has planned to hold a symposium on the related matters at Kokuyo Hall in Shinagawa for two days (March 2-3, 2010). Advance booking will be accepetd through this web page.


   Technical presentations by the applicants
   Lectures on the CRYPTREC activity and the future of cryptology
   Panel discussions on the latest trend of cryptographic implementation
         and public key cryptosystems
                  * All presentations will be given in Japanese.

Start of advance booking

   February 15, 2010 (JST)

Related topic

Start of the Application for Cryptographic Techniques towards the Revision of the e-Government Recommended Ciphers List

For further details of the symposium, please contact us at the following address
CRYPTREC Secretariat
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